PROSEC Alarms and Guarding has been established in 1990 with the vision of supplying a professional integrated security service to our clients.

Our aim is to ensure access by the client at any level of our company, 24 Hours Per Day.
In order to achieve this, we offer the Following ;
• A fully operational 24 Hour Control Room.
• Management and Inspectors are available 24 Hours on their Cellular Phones.
• Reaction Officers are Available 24 Hours in their vehicles on two way radios. And Cellular Phones

Two-way Radios on all sites and Vehicles Linked to our 24 hour Control Room.
By Offering These Levels of Communications, we are ensuring exceptionally high levels of Response time.

Your Safety is our Priority!!!
COVERT INFILTRATION AND CONDITIONS The objective for the placement of an agent is the gathering of information in order to plan, conduct and conclude an investigation.
Infiltration of an agent amongst your workforce will keep you in touch with happenings on the shop floor, as well as attitudes and feelings of staff members.

Methods of shrinkage can be successfully identified and the effectiveness of systems can be tested, altered or replaced to prevent a re-occurrence.

Should our agent be required to infiltrate a business, it is of vital importance that he/she is appointed as a member of staff, be it on a casual or permanent basis.
This will ensure that the agent be regarded as part of the team without causing suspicion amongst fellow workers. It is important that the wages be paid to the agent in the payroll method in use.

The agent should not receive any perks or better treatment than the fellow employees in order to ensure cover.
Weekly diarized reports will be drawn up which will reflect the progress of the investigation and these will be forwarded. The reports will contain advice and recommendations for the further operational planning.
Polygraph remains the most effective investigation tool in obtaining confessions of crime Polygraph tests are voluntary tests and a legal document is signed by all subjects prior to the test.
  • Verbal results are provided within 24 Hours.
  • Written Reports provided within 48 Hours.
Our trained polygraph investigator is registered through the American Polygraph Association.
Experienced and trained technical staff provides the following services:
  •  Burglar Alarms
  •  Video Alarms
  •  Covert/Overt digital C.C.T.V installation
  •  Electrical Fencing
  •  Gate automation
  •  Perimeter beam alarms
  •  Intercom systems
  •  Access control systems
  •  Remote monitoring of CCTV
  •  I.T support
Our Technical division is backed by a highly skilled technical team and our CCTV installers are all from an I.T background

All equipment installed is state of the art electronic technology.
For a minimum contribution we offer you a state of the art Burglar alarm or video alarm system with the following features:-
  •  Panic/Hijack
  •  Fire
  •  Medical
  •  Burglary
Our 24 Hour Control Room with a state of the art computerized system offers the following:-
  •  Video Alarm Monitoring
  •  Insurance Approved Control Room and Reaction Services
  •  Radio and telephone recorder monitoring facility
  •  SMS Facility
  •  All openings and closings recorded
  •  SMS warnings in the event of unusual openings, failure to close, Power failures and low battery
  •  All incoming and outgoing telephone calls recorded
  •  Immediate availability of printout of sequence of events following any alarm activation on request of a client
  • Efficient, qualified and well trained Armed Response Officers

Our Values

Excellence in quality of our service, promoting a customer service culture amongst our staff, continuous improvement of honesty, reliability, and quality in our service and going the extra mile.

Our Vision

To become an integral part of your business, where we are seen as part of the organization.

Our Mission

We provide an integrated solution with well-trained staff backed by state of the art technology.